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Ni is too Small to Claim!Hello and welcome to my page, sweetie! ~*

My name is K.B. Miller, founder of Studio Kinbla! DeviantArt will remain my Public Gallery, but for extra art content, videos, animations, and updates on my whereabouts... I'm everywhere, man! Try the links below!
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Studio Kinbla (3D Logo) by StudioKinbla


[Download] Mech 3D Model - Paladin Oasis
The semi-finalists for the Pacific Rim contest has been announced, and unfortunately Paladin Oasis did not make the cut. However, Paladin's Blender file has been placed in our Studio's Dropbox as a free download for the community, so you can play with our mech!

Free for use in any kind of project, however Creative Commons states you must meet the conditions. We request you credit Studio Kinbla by name and include our email, DeviantArt website, OR Patreon.

*Download Here*:…


Paladin Oasis Design (C) Studio Kinbla
Pacific Rim (C) Legendary Pictures and Del Toro

For more exclusive content from our studio, consider our Patreon! 

*Contact Info*
Paladin Oasis - Seaside Guardian (3D Model)
Click Here for a Reference Sheet of the 3D Model:
Click Here for an Alternate Print with Text:



STATUS: Operational
LOCATION: North America, Eastern Shore, Florida, Orlando
HEIGHT: 206ft, 5in
WEIGHT: 1,864 tons
ROLE: Tank
PILOT: Kristina Miller

BIO: As the Kaiju threat spreads beyond the Pacific rim, small Jaegers are commissioned to watch over the most populace of regions. One such Jaeger is Paladin Oasis. Patrolling the eastern seaboard of Florida, Oasis is the first responder between Orlando and Jacksonville. Oasis is build as one of the heaviest small-class Jaegers of its time, making an excellent siege weapon in a pinch. To combat its own weight, its legs were designed with a more primal structure in mind. It is equipped with much of the standard issue weaponry, but its signature handhelds include a small shield and a harpoon light enough to be thrown short distances and pull enemies into close combat. It's a heavy hitter that pulls a lot of aggro, and can take quite a punch in place of it's comrades.



Can you tell I had fun with this? This print took about a few days of planning, building, and compiling. I wanted to truly capture the essence of Florida and the seaside, where I was born and where I currently reside as I attend Full Sail University to attain my Master's in Film. First, I wanted desperately to make the Jaeger more primal than the others, as I was a big fan of Zoids long before Pacific Rim came to be. I never really understood the humanoid approach, as when it comes to natural defenses... we suck. Why not an animal? However, doing that would deviate from the Pacific Rim mantra, so I instead incorporated primal features into a humanoid form. Such creatures of inspiration included sharks, panthers, crabs, and the ever popular American alligator. I also originally envisioned a Jaeger resembling a fisherman, carrying an anchor that later became a harpoon. With all this in mind, I lastly wanted to build a Tank (video game jargon for the role of a player to take most of the aggro, and is usually heavily equipped to handle it). I had grown fond of Tanks, and would often assume the role myself. I'd rather bide my time and get a good smack into my opponent than flail for subpar damage. I also liked the feeling of protecting my comrades.

While I had a general look in mind and preliminary sketches, it pretty much boiled down to winging it, seeing which pieces fit nicely, and using the preexisting geometry to mold and cut and pull until I was satisfied. Sometimes I get inspired right on the pitching mound. I'm pretty happy with the result; a marriage between my love of the primal, and Del Toro's original vision. I just wish I had more time, and had hoped the photo I got looked better... so I worked that to my advantage! I purposefully posturized it and did the same with Oasis, opting to give the print a 'greeting card' feel. See the alternate print above!


Contact Information

K. B. Miller
Full Sail University
Film MFA, May 2018

Pacific Rim and the like are property of Legendary Pictures. All Rights Reserved. Jaeger designed by K. B. Miller.
Our 15% off sale ends tomorrow!! Check it out at Twin Sun Pyrography!…
Vaantora - VR Chat Avatar
With this being my last day before class officially begins, I thought I'd take it easy and create something new. I've been playing with VR Chat, saving up for an Oculus Rift, and occasionally obsessing over Ready Player One, to the point where I decided to make my own original avatar to represent me from here on out. I couldn't use the regular quadrupedal Kinbla, so I made a bipedal version. Her name is Vaantora (a name I use for WoW and other fantasy settings) and for her appearance I went for a more 'guardian' look. When I'm able to upload on VRC and get to building our Oasis, you can bet I'll be prancing around as her. Hope you like!

Design and Kinbla Species (C) Studio Kinbla and K. B. Miller

(This is Version 1, hopefully one day I can get textures to work.)


K. B. Miller and Co.
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
Visit our Journal above for links to all our media, and please consider our Patreon!

Greetings, creative explorer! My name is K. B. Miller, founder of the studio. We're working hard to create quality fanimations and movies (Nintendo-themed are the favorite!) for our peers to enjoy, as well as build an engaging, respectable creative community. To help us do that, I established...

Studio Kinbla (3D Logo) by StudioKinbla

:bulletyellow: MEET THE STAFF
- K. B. Miller -
I'm a creative and an aspiring film director/scriptwriter/story boarder, and the founder of Studio Kinbla. I'm currently working as a freelance artist and designer, with a side job in pyrography. I also write and animate in my free time! While my goal in life may be stretched across many potential fields, to put things in better perspective, I'm an avid storyteller. What better way to tell a story through art and film? I recently graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Applied Design, and a concentration in Sequential Arts. Next, I'm headed to Full Sail to get that MFA in Film Production! I'm currently creating the bulk of the content here on Studio Kinbla.

- DJ D'Anime -
​With a heart of gold and an ear for music, no one leaves without a smile on their face when DJ D'Anime arrives on the scene. Gifted in the art of beat and remix, our DJ is currently establishing himself as the Studio's head music producer and consultant. He's also looking at Full Sail University for a degree in Sound Production. He also has an eye for art and photography!

Help us keep doing what we do! Join us as we create content fueled by the passions of fandoms and viewers like you!

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- Trying to figure out how we're gonna pay for college and seeking Internships and Careers within our chosen creative process.

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:bulletyellow: WHAT WE DO
Telling stories and creating art are what opens the door to the imagination, teaches us life lessons we would have never suspected otherwise, and pulls those deep emotions from our hearts. That is why this Patreon is dedicated to all of the Studio's upcoming projects and works, because we're not showing signs of stopping anytime soon!

Potential Projects and Works:
- Fan Animations and Series!
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​- Resources and Community!
​- Remixes and Original Music!
- Original Literature and Screenplays!
- Pyrography!
- 3D Printing!
- Art Challenges and Fun!
- Cosplay and DIY Builds!
- Podcasts!
- Fan Fictions and Fake Movie Scripts!
- Blender, RPG Maker, even Gaming Shenanigans!

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Based on Your Subscription, You Could Gain Access to:
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((Just a quick side note, but by supporting us on Patreon, you concede to supporting Studio Kinbla and the creatives, not any content (such as fan art and fanimations) whose images are otherwise copyrighted. No monetization of any kind bars the public from enjoying this type of content. Please pay it forward by supporting the respective organizations. They're the reason we're here, after all!))

Thank You... by jennyleigh

:bulletyellow: A BIG THANK YOU
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Thank You
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:bulletpurple: Manga Studio Debut 4.0
:bulletpurple: JavaScript Editor



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MY POLICY ON COMMISSIONS AND REQUESTS - I don't have any points, and I don't plan to get any. I'm not paying anyone points. I'm not one of those haggle people who bug for free stuff, and you shouldn't either. If I do open commissions, it WILL be Paypal or Square.

funny gif by Luckygay Sorry, that's how it is.


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